December 17, 2014

One in five Australian homes use solar energy

Sunus Solar’s Notes:

This is an impressive number of Australans who have adopted solar energy. At the end of the article it compares itself to Germany and the U.S. and I am embarrased. With such obvious benefits, why do so few Americans invest in solar energy? More confusing to me, is that middle and lower income citizens are more likely to invest in solar over their wealthier counterparts. I would like to know the reasons why. As for us, education will always be our first wave of approach.

One in five Australian homes use solar energy

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Written By Tibi Puiu

Amazingly, 19 percent of all Australian households have solar panels or solar water heaters installed, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS). The statistic is even more astonishing when you consider only three years ago five percent of the households had rooftop solar panels.

A land of sunshine


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“Add in solar hot water heating and we’re up to 19 per cent, so one in five households are now using some form of solar power.”

Broken down by region, South Australia scored highest for rooftop solar installations with an amazing 24 percent of homes using solar, while Queensland comes close with 20 percent. To put things into perspective, in the United States only 0.4 percent of homes use solar to meet their heating or electricity needs. Even so, most Australians haven’t cut off from the grid.111041967

Solar power penetration broken down by region. Image: Australian Bureau of Statistics

It’s true, however, that Australia boasts one of the most promising solar markets in the world, thanks to a combination of sunlight, dry climate and stiff grid electricity prices that reached an overage of 30 cents per kilowatt hour. …

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