January 11, 2016

Every 1.7 minutes, a new solar system is installed

Nonrenewable fuel sources such as coal, oil and other fossil fuels are bound to dry up in time eventually. Now is the time to consider adopting alternative methods for energy needs. The biggest source of energy and life on earth, as we all know, is the sun.

Sunlight is not only renewable but it is also free. Let us analyze why is it that in every 1.7 minutes, a new solar system is installed.

Green energy
Sunlight and solar power, unlike other fossil fuels, is a nonpolluting source of energy. This makes it clean and dependable for the future. Whence harnessing solar energy, there are no polluting byproducts released in the environment. No carcinogenic materials are released in the water, no poisonous gases are emitted into the air, nothing radioactive taints the surroundings.
Cheap maintainability.

Let us analyze the exploration and extraction of petroleum (our main energy source today). In order to extract petroleum, first excavation sites have to be located (at immense cost). Drilling involves a lot of expensive equipment such as oil rigs and tankers. Furthermore, the raw fossil fuel has to be purified and the needed chemicals are extracted from the sludge. All this comes at a great cost in terms of money and environmental degradation. 
However, solar energy is not only the cheapest to harvest, but the maintenance costs are relatively low. Apart from the initial production setup, the only financial effect comes for replacement of solar cells/panels and batteries. This makes it relatively cheap to maintain.

Easy installation
The installation of a solar system is relatively so easy and less time consuming, that they are being sold in the market as Do-it-yourself merchandise. You can install one at your home/office/academy yourself. They don’t need much space either and can be installed anywhere with plenty of sunlight.

Long lasting
Unlike generators, turbines and engines (which have a limited energy production life), solar systems last incredibly long. This makes them cost effective and efficient in a sense that, at the same or lower price, solar systems are capable of generating energy for longer span of time at a much lower maintenance cost. Additionally, solar systems do not make noise or pollute the environment. These systems are being installed all over the world and more so in remote places with no or limited access to power lines or grids.

After the advent of solar systems and the introduction to an alternate method of power production, entrepreneurs and multibillion dollar industries turned their attention towards solar power. Pioneering in this field led them to create innovations such as solar cars, solar heaters and infrastructures of entire towns and neighborhoods running on solar power. This commercialization has made access to solar systems easier for people and more people are turning to solar energy.

While the nonrenewable natural resources such as coal, oil and other hydrocarbon based fuels are bound to exhaust, the solar power is in retrospect, unending. We can depend on the daily dose of sunlight to provide inexhaustible energy for an indefinite period of time.